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Annual 2014 No Dirty Dishes Fundraiser Winners


 1st Place Beth Meneely


  2nd Place Cindy Koogler


 3rd Place Debby Roberts


4th Place Kassidy Biggins


 5th Place  DaLonna Woods


 6th Place Diane Craig


7th Place Timothy Aden


 8th Place George Scott


Thanks to all who participated!  



Caring about your destiny by bringing you and your family out of the past!



Caring about people is dedicated to providing excellent and effective treatment as well as care to our consumers.   We are pleased to have recieved another 3 years of accredation from the Commission on Accredidation of Rehibilitation Facilities after completeing a review of more than 1500 standards. 





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Caring About People, Inc. serves as a catalyst for people to develop and improve their quality of life. We educate and counsel individuals to realize their potential for a healthy lifestyle by enriching family relationships, living without substance abuse, and modifying high risk behaviors.